Obesity Cannot Be Curbed By Exercise Alone

August 29, 2013

Obesity is one of the leading causes of ill health. Statistics show that 60% of adults are overweight or have an obese stature. With regards to health, obesity is an issue. Many experts, health organizations, non-government and government offices exert a lot of effort in order to tackle obesity. Obesity is often described as an imbalance of energy in one’s body - and this imbalance can be fixed by using up this stored energy through exercise. 

Sadly, it is found out that physical activity cannot completely curb obesity. Study shows that exercise is not enough to help individuals lose weight. Studies also show that physical inactivity is not the main reason why certain individuals end up being obese. Obesity happens because of massive intake of calories and eating supersized meals.

Diet is the best explanation why there’s a huge difference between the obese and non-obese individuals. It is noted that those individuals who have slim and fit bodies have diets rich in fiber and low in fat. They only eat the healthy food and avoid those that can cause obesity. On the contrast, the obese would feast mostly on processed foods, sugar-rich, fatty and salty food. Because of obesity, many are considering dukan diet phase 1 foods.

All in all, it is important for us to realize the truth that laziness and gluttony isn’t the reason why people become obese. It happens because of the unhealthy food we eat. Consumption of unhealthy food is the reason why people become obese. However, observing proper diet would surely end obesity. 

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